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The" xKids" team united professionals, whose goal was to develop new format of the FECs with the most use of their experience. xKids - the first children's entertainment center, based on the eternal principle - the game in adults.

Children have their banks and money, a police station with weapons, builders with tools, firemen, vendors and hairdressers. This allows them to learn how to walk, learn the rules of the road and develop with the help of unique interactive panels. The concept lacks the drawbacks of ordinary children's centers: noise and trauma danger. "xKids" allows not only to enthrall a child for several hours, it creates basic reflexes of socialization, teaches to communicate with peers.

The fundamental difference from other cities of professions is that we do not impose game scenarios - we suggest that children create them themselves. Animators, uniform and game content of houses only contributes to this. We teach children to play and communicate with their peers "offline", creating the basis of socialization, thereby reducing the likelihood of network and computer addiction in the future.

xKids Timeline

  • 2013
    The birth of the idea of ​​a children's center, invented by children
  • 2014
    Realization of the first children's entertainment center on the "xKids" concept basis on an area of ​​1000 sq.m. - "Cascade Park", Dnipro
  • 2015
    Opening of a children's entertainment center in the "xKids" format: in the "Tbilikids", Tbilisi and "Baby Park", Zaporizhzhia
  • 2016
    Opening of the area of ​​300 sq.m. in the format "XKids" in the FEC "Most Playland", as part of a full-featured game complex area of ​​more than 2000 sq.m.
  • 2017
    FEC "Mіstograi" - the first entertainment center in Kyiv in the "xKids" format
  • 2018
    Building "xKids" into the fully functional central-city complex "Wonderland" in Chisinau, Moldova.

Options of children's cities


Creation of a children's entertainment complex "xKids" in areas from 50 m2.

The service-infrastructural children's entertainment center "xKids", consisting of 2-4 houses is suitable for location in car dealerships, hotels, waiting rooms at airports and train stations, shopping malls, business centers (from 5000 m2), restaurants, food courts, private houses, residential complexes. The average length of stay of a child is 1 hour. In the role of waiting area and food court, adjacent recreation areas and nearby cafes are used. For the celebration of birthdays, the territory of the playing area is used. The implementation period is from 4 to 8 weeks.

Budget from 20 000 $


Creation of a children's entertainment complex "xKids" in areas from 300 m2

The "core" of the concept of the children's entertainment center "xKids" can be integrated as part of a large shopping and entertainment center, into an adult recreation area (bowling, recreation centers, film stations, theaters, etc.), into large residential complexes. The number of houses is 6-7 units, the average length of stay of a child is 1-2 hours. Waiting zones can be located along the perimeter, food court is located outside the territory of the children's entertainment center. Possible the placement of a bathroom in the complex or adjacent territory. The implementation period is from 6 to 10 weeks.

Budget from 100 000 $


Creation of a children's entertainment complex «xKids» in areas from 800 m2

A fully functional, independent children's entertainment center "xKids", consisting of 8-15 houses can be made as a stand-alone children's center, as the "anchor" of a small shopping and entertainment center, and as part of a large children's entertainment center. The average length of stay of a child is more than 2 hours. The bathroom is located on the territory of the complex and it is desirable in each room to celebrate children's birthdays. The waiting area and food court are located on the territory of the children's entertainment center. The territory of the playing area is used for holding mass events. Birthdays are held in separate rooms, equipped with a bathroom and equipment for entertainment. The implementation period is from 8 to 12 weeks.

Budget from 200 000 $


The team "xKids" has united the professionals working in the market of FEC since 1999. At different times we took part in hundreds of projects, successfully solving a wide variety of tasks. Our experience is reflected in the services that we offer:

Concept and business model FEC:

  • Market analysis and adaptation of the format to a competitive environment and consumer expectations
  • Zoning development
  • Preparation of the specification of equipment, furniture, props and supplies;
  • Creation of the schedule
  • Prices model and financial payback plan based on it;
  • Marketing plan for the opening and the first 12 months of work;

Agency support for FEC:

  • Search for contractors, holding tenders, negotiations, signing and monitoring the implementation of contracts for all necessary types of work, procurement of equipment, furniture, props and supplies;
  • Selection, training of personnel, preparation of a system of motivation, functions and powers;
  • Development and implementation the standards of provided services.
  • Organization and holding technical and official launches;

Architectural project of the FEC:

  • Floor and ceiling plans
  • Plan with the arrangement of furniture and equipment + 3D model of high detail
  • Detailed drawings of separate parts of the plan: sweeps, cuts, knots, details, decor elements, cash register, dressing area, bathroom, rooms for birthdays
  • Preparation of technical specifications for engineering projects for contractors and subcontractors (heating, ventilation, water, sewerage, electrical supply)

The outline architectural design of the FEC:

  • Zoning
  • Plan with the location of traffic zones, furniture and equipment
  • 3D model of medium detail
  • Additional images and diagrams needed to describe the idea

Design project FEC:

  • Name, logo, corporate identity
  • Decoration of walls, interior
  • Project of soft floor coverings of individual manufacture
  • The project of elements of external and internal advertising

Management of FEC:

  • Increase the effectiveness of staff;
  • Analysis and optimization of expenditure;
  • Analysis and search for ways to increase the revenue side;
  • Preparation and implementation of the promotion plan;
  • Analysis and optimization of the use of space.

The concept of "xKids" can be combined with almost any format of entertainment. We want you to trust us, so we have posted a description of the most revealing projects and tasks that were successfully solved within the project. You can obtain confirmation of our competence from any of the authors of the reviews.

Photos of the completed objects

Refueling in a children's city
Bank of the children's city
Children's City Cinema
Police station
Burger children's city
Inside the farm in the children's city
Insede refueling in the children's city
Inside the burger children's city
Inside the children's laboratory
Children's City Cafe

Implemented projects

«Cascade Park»

Dnipro, 2014

The concept was born from the reverse - at a ceiling height of 2.30m-2.50m it was impossible to install traditional equipment for entertainment centers: a maze, a trampoline, slides, etc. One of the first FECs in Ukraine, working on the principle of paying for the entrance without the restriction on the time of the game. Visitors are without shoes on the whole territory, including a zone of entertaining automatic machines, a small food court and a bathroom. The team carried out a full scope of work related to the creation, launch and management: concept, filling, launching, management.

«Baby Park»

Zaporizhzhia, 2015

The first center of the "xKids" concept, which aroused interest with the help of "word of mouth", led to the creation of a children's entertainment center "Baby Park" in the city of Zaporizhzhia. For the first time, the standard of individual bathrooms was used in the rooms for holding children's birthdays and for the first time a zone of developing panels "xKids" for the youngest was added. This project was implemented "on a turn-key basis" in the shortest possible time (3 months) and with the maximum range of services.


Tbilisi, 2015

The first stand-alone "xKids" concept FEC, executed outside Ukraine. On an area of ​​1200 square meters the area of ​​houses and cars was integrated with the help of a gas station. On the territory there are 3 halls for birthdays, stylized and filled with entertainments for children of different ages, including a room for the youngest and a teenage room. The successful experience of international work convinced us of the liquidity of the concept in the context of different regional standards for the provision of services. The "xKids" team provided: market analysis, business model and concept, maintenance, creation, filling and launching, post-launch management support.

Максим Касьяненко CEO "TbiliKids"

«Most Playland»

Dnipro, 2016

The use of the children's area of the "xKids" concept as part of a full-function (70 entertainment devices + attractions) of a game complex with an area of more than 2000m2. The object is remarkable for its unique experience of working with Turkish colleagues to integrate xKids into the business model of the international network of family entertainment centers.


Kyiv, 2017

The team was set a task to revive the second floor of a large inter-district shopping and entertainment center. Difficulties were added by the fact that the previous children's center at this place was not financially successful. However, the first months of operation of the FEC under the concept of "xKids" showed that its format ideally satisfies the needs of customers, and it increased the passability not only of the 2nd floor, but also of the entire shopping and entertainment center.


Chisinau, 2018

The "xKids" zone is located on the territory of a unique park for active recreation and entertainment by the whole "Wonderland" family. A full scope of work was done to supply equipment and services.


This method of calculation is built on the principle of assessing the depth of the consumer market.
The methodology is relevant given the right choice of location and quality organization of the business as a whole.


Total area of FEC, sq.m.


The coverage area with which you expect to receive a group of regular customers


Average number of visits per year by a regular customer

Average customer check per visit


Planned tax from revenue

Compulsory costs per 1 sq m per year (rent, operation, utilities)

Wage fund per year

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